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Is Your Hospital Social?

Post by: Kim Stephens

Although my blog specifically addresses emergency management, I wanted to bring your attention to a fabulous resource for healthcare and social media. The blog “Found in Cache” is fantastic: it is one to both bookmark and emulate. The author is Ed Bennett  who also manages web operations at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). Read more about him here: http://ebennett.org/about/#ixzz1sUMelXbu.

What impressed me the most is the data available. He has amassed an amazing list of healthcare social media policies, as well as a database of hospitals on fourquare (there are 787–who knew!), Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs. The best part… all of this data is available on a google map!

Emergency Management organizations should take a moment to explore this list. Is your local hospital tweeting? Are you following them?