Here’s a list of some of my recent speaking engagements.

  • iCERT Forum, March 2012
  • NEMA Conference “Social Media and Emergency Management 2011-2012” March, 2012.
  • Woodrow Wilson Center “Social Media and Emergency Management: Transforming the Response Enterprise.” November 2011.
  • Podcast: SMEM on Blogtalktadio. Published December 13, 2011.
  • Business Executives for National Security (BENS) : Symposium on Homeland Security. Panel Discussion on Technology Integration and Development
  • FEMA: Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Conference for Higher Education: Session on Social Media and Emergency Management (June 2011).
  • U.S. Department of Education Conference for Emergency Management Higher Education Grant Recipients (2011): Session on Social Media for University Emergency Managers. See presentation Scribd here.
  • Maryland Emergency Management Association Annual Conference (2011): Session on Emergency Management Tools.
  • Social Media and Emergency Management Conference. (In affiliation with the National Emergency Managers Association Conference (2011).
  • Radio interview on ABC Radio, Australia
  • Department of Education, Training for REMS grantees: Social Media and Emergency Management (available online soon on the REMS resource page). January, 2011
  • Emergency Management for Higher Education: Midwest Higher Education Consortium: Loss Control Workshop, March 2011.
  • Social Media and the Australian Floods. Webinar presentation designed for Ron Laird & Associates, England. March 2011.
  • The Emergency Management Forum (EM Forum), presentation by Kim Stephens on the topic of  Social Media During Crisis Response. The session was recorded on Wed., October 27, 2010  and is available to download.
  • FEMA’s Higher Education Conference, June 2010.  A summary of the session of the application of new media to emergency management will be posted on the Higher Education website.
  • Emergency Management for Higher Education, Final Grantee Meeting, Aug 6, 2010: Sponsored by U.S. Department of Education. A copy of the slide presentation given by Kim Stephens is attached here:   KIM- SM-ApplicationsforUniversity EM.

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