Case Studies

Prepared by: Kim Stephens  Last updated: September 10, 2013

Blogs you should read that post lessons learned and case studies continuously: IACP Center for Social Media–Case Studies, Crisis Communications Command Post,, The Face of the Matter, It’s Not My Emergency

Good Overview Video: Social Media Crisis Communication – Preparedness Partners from Preparedness Partners by the OEP on Vimeo.

  • Barkat, Hadi, et. al. “Citizen 2.0: 17 examples of Social Media and Government Innovation” RedCut and Swissnex, Boston. “The purpose of this paper is not to serve as a template, but to provide highly successful examples of social media and government innovation that can serve as inspiration.”Accessed 3 November 2011.
  • Bloomberg, Mike. “New York City Digital Roadmap”.  A comprehensive strategy paper for how NY will achieve it’s digital  goals. Lots of good items here for other cities to use as a model. <>.
  • Bruns, Axel,  Jean Burgess et. al. “#qldfloods and @qpsMedia: Crisis Communication on Twitter in the 2011 South East Queensland Flood”.  Media Ecologies Project. ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation. January 2012. Accessed January 2012. Summary:”Social media, including Facebook and Twitter, played an important role in crisis communication at the height of the 2011 South East Queensland floods crisis (10-16 January). This report examines the role of the short-messaging system Twitter in disseminating and sharing crisis information and updates from state and local authorities as well as everyday citizens. We assess the overall use of Twitter, as well as that of the most important emergency service account, the Queensland Police’s @QPSMedia account.” <>.
  • Bruns, Axel. “Towards Distributed Citizen Participation: Lessons from Wikileaks and the Queensland  Floods.” ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia. Conference for Democracy and Open Government. Accessed 15 December, 2011.
  • Currie, Donya. “Special Report: Expert Round Table on Social Media and Risk Communication During times of Crisis: Strategic Challenges and Opportunities.” 2009. Booz Allen & Hamilton. 16 July 2010>.
  • Chavez, Craig et. al. “Local Governments Use Social Media to Prepare for  Emergencies.” ICMA 2010. Accessed 1 Dec. 2010. <“>;.
  • Kingsley, Chris, “Making the Most of Social Media: 7 Lessons From Successful Cities.” Fels Institute of Government, March, 2010. Accessed Aug. 2010. <>.
  • Lesperance, AM “Social Networking for Emergency Management and Public Safety.”  August 2010. Prepared for Department of Energy by Battelle. Accessed Sept. 2010. <http://social.networking-PNL.pdf>.
  • McShea, Kathleen. ” Privacy Impact Assessment for the Use of Social Networking Interactions and Applications Communications/Outreach/Public Dialogue”. Department of Homeland Security. 16 September, 2010. Accessed October 2010. <>.
  • Mileti, Dennis and Jeannette Sutton, “Social Media and Public Disaster Warnings” University of Colorado, Boulder. July, 2009. Accessed, Dec. 2010. < Media Handbooks & Compendiums>.
  • Ogilvy Exchange: “The Expanding Use of Social Media in Disaster Preparedness.” Excerpts from a panel discussion. <>.

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