New Guides and Training Available for SMEM

Post by: Kim Stephens

There are two new items on the street that should be useful to emergency management professionals  interested in adding social media to their communication’s toolbox. The first is a guide from Wellington, New Zealand, titled:  Social media in an emergency: A best practice guide Citation: Rive, G., Hare, J., Thomas, J. & Nankivell, K. (2012). Social Media in an Emergency: A Best Practice Guide. Wellington Region CDEM Group: Wellington.

The guide is divided into 3 sections: before, during and after a crisis.  Even though some of the terms and acronyms are specific to New Zealand,  the majority of the content is applicable to US first responders (just get used to reading s’s instead of z’s: e.g. organisation).  The section “Streamlining Information Release” caught my attention. I like this quote:

If your organisation is slow at releasing information you could easily lose credibility and control and other sources of information may become the first port of call.

The second bit of news is FEMA’s new independent study course IS-42 Social Media and Emergency Management.  I haven’t taken the course yet, but chatter on the #smem twitter hashtag indicated that the content is good, despite the computer generated voice-over.

Let me know what feedback you have regarding these materials. I’d love to hear about what you liked or didn’t, as well as suggestions for how either could be improved.


4 responses to “New Guides and Training Available for SMEM

  1. Anything that helps the EM field to become more familiar with the use of SM in emergencies is welcome. The New Zealand guide and its accompanying literature review, are fantastic resources.
    I’m really looking forward to the FEMA course serving as a baseline for how the uptake of SMEM at local and state/provincial will look like.

  2. kim26stephens

    Thanks for commenting Patrice. I have been so busy working and commuting lately that I haven’t had much time to blog. I’m glad to see you haven’t forgotten me!

  3. Computer generated voice – ruined the FEMA online course to the point where I turned it off.

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