Heritage Preservation After a Disaster…There’s An App For That!

Post by: Kim Stephens

Lori Foley of Heritage Preservation.org contacted me with information about a new “Emergency Response Salvage” App they developed for use by museums, libraries, archives and other cultural institutions on how to safeguard collections damaged by water–which could happen after a myriad of disasters including flood, fire, earthquakes, severe storms or even broken pipes.

The description from the App store states:

ERS outlines critical stages of disaster response, such as stabilizing the environment and assessing damage. It will help users protect precious collections and significant records, access reliable information instantly, and save damaged objects.

Developed by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) and based on Heritage Preservation’s popular Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel, this app provides practical salvage tips for nine types of collections: photographs, books and documents, paintings, electronic records, textiles, furniture, ceramics/stone/metal, organic materials, and natural history specimens.

Be sure to pass this info along to organizations in your community!


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