March 2 Tornados: 20 minutes of Twitter monitoring

  1. Post by: Kim Stephens
    I hear from some emergency managers that social media is “just rumors”. “Listening” to twitter for 20 minutes during the March 2, 2012 tornado outbreak proves otherwise.
    These storms were predicted to be bad.
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    Whatever beasts develop tomorrow they have a chance at moving at over 60mph so you must react when a warning is issued! #severe #tornado
    Thu, Mar 01 2012 23:07:07
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    A significant #tornado outbreak will unfold today. Greatest threat in KY, TN. Pls take necessary precautions.
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 07:13:02
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    Very serious tornado threat tdy/ton!Intense/large/long track tornadoes possible! Pls take seriously & let ppl know!
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 04:49:15
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    “Tornado Emergency.” Large “violent” tornado in north Alabama
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:26:54
  6. Tweets that have a hyperlink to a government source are highly credible.
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    RT @severestudios: LARGE “WEDGE” tornado in northern Madison County, AL. TORNADO EMERGENCY for NEW MARKET. #tornado #alwx (10:20am)
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:29:43
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    RT @spann: Two tornadoes showing now over Limestone and Madison. Debris signature. Very dangerous situation #alwx
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:26:56
  9. The weather service personnel include “twitpics” or pictures uploaded to twitter. This helps people who are looking at the info on a smart phone. It also makes the info readily available without having to navigate away from the twitter client. Clearly NWS personnel were monitoring social media as well as using the tool to disseminate information.
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    Just got to #NSWW and are out by the Oz Safe Rooms booth covering the #tornado outbreak on social media.
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:30:28
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    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:31:01
  12. Citizens listening to the radio and tweeting info could be called “scanner tweeters”.
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    #Madison #Alabama live radio scanner feed #Tornado confirmed
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:31:06
  14. Citizens repeated info and added colorful explicatives. This one can be printed.
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    Yikes! RT @LindsayWKennedy Tornado on the ground 110 miles south of Nashville in northern Alabama. Here we go. #Classic12 #tnwx
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:27:05
  16. A little gallows humor enters into the mix.
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    Bro-in-law just called to urge us to take #tornado photos, if possible. Gee, thanks! #virginia #roadtrip
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:33:11
  18. The fact that Buckhorn High School was potentially going to take a direct hit was retweeted extensively. The originator of the information was James Spann (@spann) a very well respected local meteorologist.
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    RT @spann: Tornado on ground headed directly towards Buckhorn High School #alwx
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:26:17
  20. These tweets would make any parent terrified.
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    RT @TWCBreaking: Damage reported at Buckhorn High School. This #tornado is large and heading towards the New Market, AL area.
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:29:31
  22. However, very soon, it was reported that all students were safe.
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    “@TWCBreaking: Very good news. All students are safe at Buckhorn High School in Madison Co., AL. #tornado”
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:36:32
  24. Other schools announced that they would not be open.
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    Walker County schools are closed tomorrow. #alwx
    Thu, Mar 01 2012 23:02:01
  26. It did not take any time at all for information and photos about damage to be posted.
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    #AL ► Damage #photos starting to surface from #Alabama.
    – @ChaserCentral #alwx #tornado
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:26:16
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    Picking up #damage #linedown #warning and #tornado category tags for TtT – see map: #alwx #gawx #tnwx
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:28:11
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    Foto van de enorme hagel stenen in Amerika –> #noodweer #tornado
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:36:14
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    Damage reports and search & rescue in Meridianville, AL #alwx #tnwx
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:27:27
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    RT @TWCBreaking: Receiving preliminary reports of significant damage in northern Madison County, AL. #tornado
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:30:03
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    been on the ground for a loooooooooong time. Took the Hytop radar out. #Tornado
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:36:36
  33. The Correction center was reported as taking a direct hit–again by James Spann.
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    @spann Per scanner The correctional center took a direct hit from poss #TORNADO #alwx
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:36:36
  35. Apparently, unlike the High School, they did sustain injuries.
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    #AL ► Multiple #injuries ► #Loc East Limestone Correctional Facility.
    @spann via WHNT #alwx #tornado
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:36:07
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    #Tornado wrecks homes in Alabama – Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management Office says ambulances responding >
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:35:40
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    Amerika: Eerste foto van schade door de #tornado in Limestone County
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:34:13
  39. News organizations often ask for pictures to be sent in.
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    *** Please send your #SEVERE #TORNADO photos to @weatherchannel ***
    Fri, Mar 02 2012 11:36:12

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  1. A great collection! Thank you, Kim!

  2. Thanks for your comment. It was a very interesting experiment.

  3. Caroline Milligan

    Really interesting reference source Kim, thanks for sharing! /C

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