Social Media facilitate communication in a crisis: Time’s Blog

Post by: Kim Stephens

Thanks this morning to the mention in this Time Magazine blog by Erin Skarda about how social media is changing disaster response.

Two weeks after the storm, that Facebook page had about 6,500 “likes” and was still growing every day. Stories of joyful reunions mixed with those mourning the loss of loved ones, along with messages about supplies, prayers and support. The page was one of dozens that sprouted in the immediate aftermath, quickly becoming the fastest way to get information, as survivors and their relatives relied on social media as they might once have leaned on the Red Cross or local relief agencies. “The biggest part of using social media during a disaster is that it’s not about the government helping the public; it’s about the public helping themselves,” says Kim Stephens, a senior associate at ABT Associates and an emergency-management expert. “Before, you were left trying to find out how to get what you need, and now the desire and need is matched quickly and easily. It’s peer-to-peer aid.”

Read the entire the entire article here:,8599,2076195,00.html#ixzz1OsHemDGi


2 responses to “Social Media facilitate communication in a crisis: Time’s Blog

  1. Congrats to you. And to Time magazine for knowing who the gurus in the field are!

    Seriously, you make some good points in the article. And you provided some additional insights about the many useful applications of the new media to emergency management at the Higher Education conference yesterday.

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