DOD has new Social Media Hub.

Post by: Kim Stephens

The Department of Defense has issued many guides on the use of social media. Now, they have a social media “hub” that serves as a one-stop-shop for all of that great educational and training information. Below is a screen-shot of their page. People and agencies that are concerned about threats to their organization  via social networking sites will find guidance about everything from geo-tagging to spyware. They have four presentations that address operations security (OPSEC) specifically and other basic articles with scary titles such as “Do you know the risks of using social networking?”

Hopefully, these guides won’t serve as excuses for agencies to avoid social media, but instead, will provide information so that these concerns are addressed and mitigated. The policies are written specifically for DOD, of course, but can serve as a good basic guides for those state and local govs engaged in writing or updating their own policies.


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