Communications Management during the BP Oil Spill Response – a report

Gulf Oil Spill

Posted by Claire B. Rubin

This long paper  (60 pp.) re communications used during the Oil Spill via the PIER system may be of interest to readers, since it discusses the use of the Internet and new media. Usually in our blogs we quote primary sources or use traditional media sources for our postings. In this case the paper was written by a principal at a commercial firm, which owns the software. I cannot fully assess either its content (out of my league) or its veracity. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth calling attention to it and inviting readers to analyze and discuss it. Details follow:

Gerald Baron, Pier Founder and Exec. VP, O’Briens Response Management. Unending Flow; Case Study on Communications in Gulf Oil Spill, Oct. 6, 2010. 60 pp. You will have to sign in and request a copy from the O’Brien’s website .  See especially, Section I: Internet Use, Section 2:Media Management, and Coverage and the final Conclusion: Major Lessons Learned.

Among his concluding comments are the topics:  The nature of media and social media revealed, an uncertain future for the concept of a ‘single voice’ in multi-agency response, and unnecessary erosion of public trust.”

We welcome feedback from users on these topics.


3 responses to “Communications Management during the BP Oil Spill Response – a report

  1. Can’t wait to read this document 😉

  2. I would like to receive a soft copy of the report on Response to Communications Managment during the BP Oil spill response.

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