Relevant Research – articles from ISCRAM 2010

Posted by Claire

The Proceedings are now available from the 7th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM).  The conference theme was Defining Crisis Management 3.0 and featured topics such as: Collaboration and Social Networking; Geo-Information Support, and Humanitarian Challenges. These research papers are a significant contribution, in my view, in that may become the foundation of new efforts in the coming years.

The Proceedings (45 pp.)  include both abstracts and full text of papers delivered), May 2010. The  proceedings are available here ISCRAM2010 -Proceedings or can be downloaded from

2 responses to “Relevant Research – articles from ISCRAM 2010

  1. Looks like ISCRAM really hit its stride this year. Or maybe available technology started to catch up with the ISCRAM worldview. Either way, good stuff.

    I’m really glad to see data-based research on social media start to displace the aspirational hand-waving that’s dominated the literature in the early years.

  2. ISCRAM has been interested in social media for several years, from my experience attending their meetings. I think the EM community may be catching up with them.
    Posted by Claire

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