How can University Emergency Managers use Social Media?

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Kim Stephens was invited to talk to the Emergency Management for Higher Education Final Grantee Meeting,  sponsored by the Department of Education, about the application of social media to emergency management. A copy of her slides (39 pages) is included here or in the Presentations and Papers section of this blog. The talk included information on the following topics:

  • How are Universities currently using social media?
  • How do we engage students in emergency preparedness through social media?
  • What are some social media best practices?
  • What is crowdsourcing and how could it be utilized to create interactive applications or multi-media tools in order to increase students’ emergency preparedness?
  • How is social media used for crisis response? How can personnel in the response community use these applications to increase our situational awareness? (examples from Ushahidi’s deployment in Haiti are included)
  • What tools exists to collect, filter, verify & aggregate data?
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